The Humantiv App has been built and designed to help people understand their health. It is pronounced Hu-MAN-tiv. By tracking your steps, sleep, and activity, you can get a better picture of your health and fitness. As time goes on, we will add more data sources from API’s and devices for you to track. All of these data sources work together for you to understand if your health is improving, maintaining, or in decline. The health aspect of the Humantiv App is about gathering data to help you understand your health and fitness levels.

You should always seek doctor approval when beginning anything new. If you are unsure about your physical requirements or restrictions, ask your doctor before using the Humantiv App. Other terms and conditions of using Humantiv App apply. See here.

After downloading the Humantiv App from the App Store or Google Play, register, follow the simple tutorial, select your data source to connect and wait for the App to sync. Go to your Settings Screen and complete your user profile. If your data sources have been gathering your activity for the day, the App may sync at sign-up and show you Medit Rewards! Depending upon what data sources you have connected, the sync of Medit will happen either throughout the day or at a time where the data has processed. VERY IMPORTANT: Check back throughout the day to see your Medit Rewards! It is fun to see your rewards accumulate and what you can earn throughout the day!

The fun part of Humantiv is “Gamification of Health.” When you connect your data sources to the Humantiv App, you earn Medit for your daily steps, sleep, and activity. This is like earning points for playing a video game! Only now, you are earning Medit for your health habits! The Medit that you earn is generated by our health algorithms. We take the recommended daily value of steps, activity, and sleep to calculate Medit earnings based on what you completed for the day. The nice part? You are earning Medit for what you have completed. Therefore everyone gets to earn something for their participation!

We built Humantiv to help people use their data to paint a better picture of their health. We think the goals of Humantiv are to connect people to their health, reward people for their healthy choices and to be a gateway for the future of health and healthcare. But, our goals are not your goals. You may use Humantiv for entirely different purposes. How you choose to use this app and why you choose to use it, is up to you. Perhaps you want to challenge yourself and see how you can keep your Health Score up. Maybe you are training for a marathon and want to see how you improve over time. Maybe you had an injury and are recovering, so you want to pace yourself and earn Medit Rewards as your incentive. Perhaps you want Humantiv to be the App that helps you lose some weight and you feel motivated by receiving Medit Rewards. Find your Goals, share them with us, if you choose! We want to know how you are using this App, how it is helping you and why you like it!

We do not share your data with any third parties. So how do we operate? First, we only pull your data sources in the app to help generate your Health Score. But we do not store your information from those data sources. Your data comes directly from your tracker or service account to your app without transiting by our servers. Second, we don’t sell, give away, distribute, lend or do anything with your data generated in the app. We may use your data to help improve your experience within the app, but that is all for your benefit and not for us! To learn more about our data policies please see our Privacy Policy.

We spent the last 6 months perfecting the Humantiv App to be ready for a lively and engaged audience. To begin, we want you to start earning Medit Rewards. Challenge yourself! Sync your App daily and see how much Medit you are earning, where you stand in the Leaderboard and try to earn as much Medit as you can. (Safely, of course.) We will open up a marketplace in the very near future and you will be able to trade that Medit for discounts, products, and services. We will update the app periodically with new releases, additions, challenges, prizes, and other offerings. Leave your Notifications On! You won?t want to miss what we have planned for the future!

The Health Score is located in the middle of Health graph on the My Health screen. This number is calculated on a score of 0-100. The number in the middle is your Personal Health Score and will appear red or green. The higher the number and the color of the number, tell you how well you are doing relative to completing daily recommended guidelines of health. Always follow your doctor recommended guidelines for your personal needs. The Health Score is not meant to be Positive or Negative. It is meant to give you a daily snapshot of your steps, sleep, and activity. If you are physically able and would like to improve your Health Score, simply take more steps, complete more activity and get more sleep in a days time. If you begin to experience any decline in health, pain, discomfort, or any new or unpleasant side effects while using the Humantiv App, discontinue App use immediately and consult your doctor.

To keep your daily activity, steps, and sleep cards in the green, you have to reach the values:

  • 10,000 steps or more
  • Between 7 and 9 hours sleep
  • 30 minutes activity or more

Your Health Score should be higher than 70%

Your Health Score stays in the green if your Daily Health averages stay in the green:

    • Steps about 10,000
    • Sleep between 7 and 9 hours
  • Activity about 30 minutes

The Health Score takes a look at your averages for the last 30 days. To move your Health Score to a higher number, we are nudging you to be consistent with your health and stay active daily. Again, please use this app safely and follow what your doctor has recommended.

To download the app, create an account and earn Medit, there are no charges. Participation and earning Medit is free. If you choose to purchase something in our marketplace, you will transfer Medit and/or other currency to complete your transactions. There may be small fees of Medit, tax, shipping, or other transaction fees associated with your marketplace purchases. Additionally, you may elect to participate in a Challenge to win Medit or other prizes. There may be an entry fee to participate and if you do not win the Challenge, that Medit will be transferred to the winner of the Challenge. If you win, you collect the Medit from the other participants who did not win the Challenge. There may be other transaction fees associated with a Challenge. We will let you know what these fees are, and if they change. You can always check here to see what the standard fees are. At the moment, we have not listed them yet, as our marketplace and Challenges are yet to come online.

If you need help, please contact us at [email protected]. You can also talk to us directly, by tapping the message bubbles in the upper right-hand corner of the My Health screen. This connects you to our Intercom messaging features.

Please use Intercom in the Humantiv App, located in the top right-hand corner of the My Health screen. We welcome your suggestions and feedback.

We have a Citizen Health Community that was founded and built to collaborate with everyone who wants to participate in rebuilding healthcare. We extend an invitation for you to join us: Citizen Health Community.

Yes, we do! We have a GitHub repository and we would appreciate your contributions and participation. We will be working with AI and Blockchain Technologies, in addition to other software. The chance to work with exceptional programs, new ideas, and interesting people is waiting for you. Come join us to reimagine health and healthcare for everyone! Your invitation is right here: Join Citizen Health GitHub

To delete your account, please email us at [email protected] Label the email DELETE MY ACCOUNT. We will then take the steps to delete your account and information. Please allow 10 business days for this transaction to occur. Please state if you would like to receive a confirmation email of the Citizen Health Team deleting your information.